By Vivien


Christmas is about opportunity to stay in touch!

The grand commercialisation of Christmas has left the reason for the season

and the giving of yourself for mountains of environmentally

damaging items which will be discarded before the credit card is paid off.

Both my grandmothers felt it was a time for those less fortunate and for keeping in touch

with family and friends.   We made our own decorations, cards and simple handmade gifts.

Nana, a prolific letter writer, measured Christmas by the number of Christmas cards she received each year.

If I Only Had Wings Margaret Clark PrintThe Mushroom Village Margaret Clark Print


As I am one of 33 grandkids on my dad’s side and 24 on my mother’s side
 – we each received one gift under the tree wherever we spent Christmas.
Does anyone remember those Christmas stockings with a single comic book
small playing cards, a paper hat, jokes and some very strange tasting candy?
What is your favourite Christmas memory?  I am writing cards to those I haven’t seen during 2020.
Those  missing from previous years, never forgotten but remembered as blessings in my journey. 
Wishing you all, safe and happy festivities & a New Year full of hope, joy & peace.

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