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Margaret Clark was a celebrated Australian illustrator during the Art Deco era. Many of her magical fantasy illustrations appeared in children’s magazines and advertising between 1918 and 1930.

In 1918 the Sweetacres Confectionery Company commissioned Margaret to create the decorations for their exclusive line of Chocolates. These rare boxes are sought after by collectors. Sweetacres sponsored Margaret to attend the prestigious Julian Ashton School of Art in Sydney.

Margaret was invited to exhibit with the Sydney Society of Women Painters in 1924 with inclusion of 5 illustrations among works by Margaret Preston and May Gibbs. In 1925, a series of six postcards were released in Sydney by S+W Limited which are highly prized by collectors.



Well known illustrator and author Deborah Niland has an original illustration from the 1926 exhibition. Other Margaret Clark illustrations have been sold at Sothebys in England and New York. We know of others in Alaska, Florida, France, United Kingdom and throughout Australia. Three pieces were acquired by the Dromkeen Collection in Victoria around 1982. The Mitchell Library in Sydney acquired ten illustrations (Folio NVCXZXZ) via the James Hardie Children’s Library.

Fortunately, many of these fine works have survived and are as beautiful today as they were, when they were created over 90 years ago. Margaret was generous with family and friends who have treasured their gifts and many have been passed to a third generation. On the rare occasion an illustration is offered up for auction, prices have achieved upwards of $3,000.

dancing fairy margaret clark prints

Federation Fairies was formed, by her great niece, to raise the profile of a true Australian treasure and ensure the body of work is preserved for future generations. To achieve this goal, a selection of Limited Edition Prints are offered for sale.

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